Whether you need u-bolts for a car, truck or semi truck, we can help you. When ordering u-Bolts there are three basic sizes; round bend, semi-round bend, and square bend.  

U-Bolts come in a straight rod in 2-inch length increments. We bend the width to your custom measurements. We stock multiple diameter and length sizes of u-bolts.


Do Not Reuse U-Bolts

  • Used u-bolts will have rusted and damaged threads from the previous installation
  • A previously torqued U-bolt will suffer from distored threads from the engagement of the deep nut.  Deep nuts should be tighened once and retorqued, never loosened and retightened.
  • A used U-bolt may have suffered from fatigue as well excessive stress since achieving accurate torque with commonly used impact wrenches is very difficult.
  •  Removed U-Bolts should NEVER be placed back onto the vehicle, they should be thrown away.
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